Breath Palette


These are Margaret Josefin Breath Palette, a series of boutique toothpastes.

Toothpaste is something that I don't spend a lot of time thinking about. There are a couple of brands I prefer and I buy what's on sale. Now Breath Palette ups the ante with 31 different flavors:

  1. Sweet salt
  2. Tropical Pineapple
  3. Peppermint
  4. Fresh Yogurt
  5. First Crop Green Tea
  6. Rose
  7. Monkey Banana
  8. Honey
  9. Kiwifruit
  10. Cafe au Lait
  11. Plum
  12. Tsugaru Apple
  13. Vanilla
  14. Indian Curry
  15. Strawberry
  16. California Orange
  17. Kyoto Green Tea
  18. White Peach
  19. Kisshu Ume
  20. Lavender
  21. Darjeeling Tea
  22. Cinnamon
  23. Budou (grape)
  24. Lemon Tea
  25. Bitter Chocolate
  26. Blueberry
  27. Caramel
  28. Espresso
  29. Grapefruit
  30. Pumpkin Pudding
  31. Cola

Rose, lavender and honey bring to mind hygiene of ancient cultures; maybe they should be applied with traditional twig-brushes. Fruit flavors seem refreshing enough to use. But cola? India curry? Chocolate? Those are things I brush to get rid of...

At 200 yen per 25 gram tube (about the same price as a 160 gram tube of regular toothpaste) Breath Palette is a luxury. This is a product for gift-giving or as a splurge when out shopping with your girlfriends.

If you want to see more (in Japanese) To buy some for yourself, visit Sony Plaza, Tokyu Hands, Loft, or Keio department stores. Unfortunately for my international readers, Breath Palette does not seem to be sold outside Japan; so pack your bags and come to visit.


What taste do you like, I like every taste except banana! banana is too artficial too me.

looks yummy. time to go shopping at tokyu hands

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  • leslie: looks yummy. time to go shopping at tokyu hands read more
  • Mieko: What taste do you like, I like every taste except read more