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creative.jpgToday is a tough one; we're going to write our names with both hands in all different orientations. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper.

First write your name with your dominant hand, then with your non-dominant hand.

Then write it backwards. Start with your initial at the right and write each letter backwards towards the left. Do this with both hands.

Now try it upside down, as if you were holding a mirror along the bottom edge of the letters in your name. Again, try it with both hands.

And finally, write your name upside down and backwards.

Here's an example of my name written eight times:


As I flipped the paper around to see the names written right way around, I realise I messed up a couple of times...oops! It was harder than I thought.

And my mood has changed. I was tired and my To Do list looked pretty daunting before, but now I have more energy and I think I can accomplish what I need to do. That's a pleasant surprise!

If you want to go a step further with this, UltraBob suggests writing out a paragraph. I tried a few sentences upside down and some backward with each hand:


It was challenging. I wonder if I'd kept going if it would become easier? I also wonder if I would have written anything different than I normally would, as the right side of the brain tends to dominate when you're writing upside down.


I tried it an emailed you my results. Not easy!

wooo thats hard task!

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