2b yogourt spécialité

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These tiny 45g (3 tablespoons) cups of yogurt contain collagen, vitamin C, and lycopene--all good for skin and beauty. The only information the package gives is a little marketing blurb: Making beautiful skin. The 2b website has a lot more detail, including the benefits of lycopene (an antioxidant) and collagen (a protein).

The name, 2b yogourt spécialité, is strange. The French makes is sound luxurious and elegant, of course. But 2b isn't said "deux beh" it's spelled out in katakana as "two bee." There are no B vitamins in this, so what's it mean? The website explains: "to be what I want to be, two benefits, and to be beautiful. Ha!

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I know it! Apricot one will make your skin "TUSYA-TUSYA",cassis one will make your skin "SUBE-SUBE". I grined seeing this phrase, smart and good advertaising pharase. How do you tranlate it in English?--smooth and glossy? It sounds boring.

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