"Synchronicity" at FUJIMAMAS
New works by the RBR artists
May 17 - June 16, 2004

I've just returned from hanging my prints at Fujimamas. There are dozens of pieces by 20 different artists. They represent quite a range of styles, media, and talent.

This morning restaurant was abuzz with people sharing hammers, explaining how to slide the hooks up and down, and waiting for Lauren, the curator, to decide what went where. I think Lauren had a challenge on her hands--so many sizes and styles--not quite enough walls.

My prints are hanging upstairs. Two are paired in a curving corner in the private party space and one is in the hall near the toilet.

In amongst the hammering and questions were lots of over-blown ohs and ahs. The effusive praise these artists give one another sometimes seems fake. "Oooooooooo, these are BEAUTUIFUL!!" "I really LOVE your WORK!!" "Look how CUTE with all these colors!!"

I offered up a few "I like this one a lot" and "Your painting looks great in this space" but I couldn't bring myself to coo or exclaim. Should you happen to go to Fujimamas this month and catch a glimpse of my engravings, no praise required.


Hmmm, I've seen the one on the left many times and it's quite soothing. Go to Fujimama's and see for yourself.

I have to bo to Fusimamas!

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