Disembodied voice

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Something I've hankered to do is voice-overs and recording work. There's something appealing about being a disembodied voice.

"Next station: Willowdale. Please mind the gap."
"Press 9 for Customer Service."
"The show will begin shortly. Please turn off your pagers and cell phones."

It's a desire dating back to junior high school when I was selected to make an announcement over the school PA system. I later overheard a classmate say "Who was that, she had a great voice." Preteen ego puffed and latent wish born.

So when a colleague contacted me yesterday about doing a quick recording for a project he's working on, I grinned. Of course!

I sat in a cleverly constructed recording booth tucked into a corner of an office. Ensconced at a small table behind layers of cotton quilting and heavy metal doors, I could hear myself breathe through the monitor.

15 minutes later, I stepped out having done a few takes of the short script. As I emerged, the sound engineer told me that the microphone loved my voice. "Right in the range," he said.

Middle-aged ego boosted. That should last me 'til the next recording gig. I'll probably be 60 by then...

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