Come make jewelry!

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ring-1st.jpgInterested in working with metal and making jewelry? On Thursday mornings from 10 - 12, I attend a jewelry making class at RBR The New Center for Creative Arts in Azabu Juban. It's great fun, but unless I can drum up a few more students to join me, the class will be cancelled.

It's an ongoing class, so you can jump in anywhere. I've learned the basic techniques of soldering, hammering, and filing. Lots of filing. Now I'm working on a lost wax casting. The next project focuses on piercing and sawing. It's like high school woodshop, only prettier.

I made this ring by hammering and filing silver. Tod wears it every day.
Above left: simple rings made in the first class session

Here's the course description from RBR's website:

JEWELRY MAKING - Instructor: Mami Katsuki

This class will teach, in detail, the whole process of creating a piece of jewelry. Learning the basic skills is a hard and time-consuming process but this class has been carefully paced so that every individual will make progress! Learn how to use sandpaper, electric tools, files, and how to metal fold, weld, pierce, polish and finish up. After mastering the filing, students will learn Wax Carving techniques, using several different types of wax to create rings, pendants or earrings. Transform your sketch into a 3D model. After understanding and mastering the basic process, students will work on their design and bring it to life. In the first three months, most students will be able to complete two pieces of jewelry. The goal - fashion an original creation you can show off with pride!

If you're interested, contact RBR or better yet, talk to the instructor directly. She's great (and bilingual): Mami Katsuki 03-3710-8889.

UPDATE: Mami-sensei says the last class will be October 7th unless we enroll 3 or 4 more students. If you're interested, don't delay.

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Sounds groovy. I made my own earrings the other day and I'm afraid if I turn my head too fast they will fall apart and the beads will roll across the floor. I could use the workshop, but I'm too far away!

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