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I've been playing with a few nifty things lately that I thought might be worth sharing. Two of them are cool tools for my iSight.

deliciousLibrary.jpgDelicious Library ($40) turns the iSight into a bar code scanner, allowing you to inventory your collection of books, CDs, games and videos. It looks up the details in Amazon's database and shows you cover art. A related tool, DeliciousExporter (free), allows you to generate web pages from the information.

Here's my library in progress--I need to rework those ugly templates and finish scanning the books. We have a lot of old books, too, so I need to do something about the cover art for them. If you hold your mouse over the blank covers, you can find out what the books are. Tod's offered to do the CDs.

iGlasses.jpgiGlasses ($8)is very super handy for controlling the iSight. It gives you access to the video adjustments of you camera in iChatAV. There are a few presets for dark conditions, including a freaky green "night vision" mode. Some options are just plain silly, like upside down and a rotation through the spectrum that makes you look like you're in the disco. I use the sepia and black/white presets.

The best thing about iGlasses is you can make your own adjustments and save them. So now I don't look quite so magenta when I'm chatting with friends.

43Things.jpg43 Things invites you to build a list of things you want to do with your life, either by clicking on one of the random items you see listed, or by typing in one of your own (it will be added to the pool). It is strangely compelling to read all the things people want to do--from "buy curtains" to "travel to all 7 continents" This is my list: 2164

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Delicious Library looks great! One thing seems to be missing, though. When I looked at your exported library, it feels like clicking a book should take me to the page for that title, but it doesn't. I wonder why this isn't a part of DL? It can find the link on Amazon from the barcode and grab the cover and other info, so why not embed the link in an exported library?

(Still, it is a pretty cool app.)

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