Gingerbread CPU


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This is the most clever use of holiday gingerbread ever. I love the details done in licorice and chocolates.

It was posted by "Pab" on Also found on that site, a Geek-mas tree and a gingerbread laptop, though I think maybe Santa needs to consider a new OS.

UPDATE - This gingerbread computer was created in Sweden. An entire folder of photos featuring Benny, Monica, Anna-Maria and Erik and their gingerbread building party is at They even made a gingerbread violin.

UPDATE - The tree decorations are by Joe, aka JavaMoose. He mailed me an updated image which is now linked above. Thanks, Joe.

UPDATE - Hello, Slashdotters! We're doing our best to keep up with you. Merry Christmas. love, Kristen


hahaha, those are great uses of gingerbread :) though i agree with the choice of OS.. switch to mac!

This computer is SWEET!

Mmmmm... motherboards... *drool*

I'm not being snide or anything but your gingerbread CPU has everything in it BUT the CPU.. We can clearly see the fan and the heatsink, but there's no CPU. Your box is obviously deficient (no offense, it really is pretty and all...)

How are you supposed to see a CPU when it's covered up by a heatsink, anyway?

very cool!


very very nice

I'd like to have that hardware into my PC ;)
Excellent work!

GOD you guys are geeks... haha jesus

In reply to Josh Davis etc...

Those Zif sockets are hard to make when your only material is confectionary based...

Olyan ennivalóan édes. Az alaplapra azért ráfért volna egy kicsivel több cukormáz-nyák. De le a kalappal.

Must be an Abit board .. the caps are swollen !!


Sweet Christmas, Does It still exist or did someone already polish It off?



Well, I have no idea why some take it seriously while forgetting the true purpose of this whole thing! ITS FOR FUN! Getting deep into details just makes you look like a moooooo!!!

Hey, I would like to benchmark that system and try HL2 on it LOL, talk about MELTING System :p

Sweety Sweet System no doubt! Well made...
Now I know what I want for my wedding party!

Hopefully we'll get to see a full computer (Case and all the goodies inside) from these people =D.

the cards are too big for the board(not serious)

Did you overclock it yet?


I say go for a silent computer. Further modding should be done to ditch the fans and replace them with milk cooling.

Nice work, guys. Every detail, right down to the CPU completele with Heatsink and Fan.

Uniqueness to the max. And you can eat it when it fails, too :)

SO looking forward to the milk cooling! I wonder if ASUS will have a version of this board out by Christmas... :)


MILK COOLLLING!! LOL THATS GOLD!!!, why am I the only 1 laughing?... you know instead of water coo... yea im a nerd

The post about this board are almost as classic as the picture.

Yes, but, does it run Linux?

You're getting Slashdotted!

Just saw a mini-itx version of this yesterday - and this one works!

oh my god that's like soooooo good! Wowsers it's the best thing I've ever seen! Yummy to eat and super fun!

Yes, but does it run Linux?!

That's awesome! Guess there's two ways circuit boards can be "baked"!

maybe its runs Openbsd

Imagine a beowulf cluster of these

Mmm, Imagine a beowulf cluster....

Be sure to switch it off before you bite into it!

Once I baked a CPU when the cooler fan died.. now if I'd only left it a little longer it might have become half as sweet as this baby ! Well done Benny, Monica, Anna-Maria and Erik ! (are these guys related to ABBA?)

Yumm! Ive had one of these before, a baked motherboard!

So how many more hits is this site getting today? =P

Was going to say "Sweet CPU!" but that gag had already been used. =(

Certainly looks good.
Can I have it for making sure it runs my OS :)

Great job guys! The only thing I think you might want to add would be enough room for a very small computer, like the open brick ( If you created a gingerbread compartment of the right size, you could actually boot up the computer! :-D

Hi, Kristen! Thanks for the extra effort... my wife and I have made several (very tired) comments on how awesome the gingerbread computer is.

What's it like dealing with the Slashdot Effect? :D

It's a PC Chips M810. It's gotta be, as the M810 is a Micro-ATX board, and some of the M810's have soldered down Durons (read: no ZIF socket).

Also, Abit got their capacitor issues fixed a LONG time ago. VIA is the new Abit - their Mini-ITX boards are doing the capacitor blowing thing ;-)

Tom Servo: Pretty damned fun, actually!

I hope Monica and the crew in Sweden are holding up to the fame and server load.

but do you know the muffin man he can upgrade your gingerbread computer ....

Nice. I guess I'd eat it before too long.

Nice. Can you go wardriving with the laptop?

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