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Panorama of Iouzan (click for larger view)

We decided to shake off our sleepy Saturday with a short hike to Iouzan, a mountain a few kilometers from Kawayu.

Yellow sulphur deposits around a vent.

Sulphur hot springs are beneficial for rheumatism, skin disorders and myriad other minor complaints. The source of the sulphur is, of course, the volcanic mountains in the area. Iouzan has several active blow holes that jet hot steam into the air. Kawayu smells like rotten eggs.

Colorful tourists lining up for a commemorative photo.

There's not a lot to do in Kawayu once you've had enough of bathing. Iouzan is a big tourist attraction.

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Damn! I have to go hang out at the mine fires in Nanticoke more. I didn't realize they were healthy!

That bus photo is colorful - even the windows are cheery.

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