Between Sets

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Hibiya Park, 7:05 pm

To celebrate my last day as FCCJ's webmaster, I walked to the park after work to sketch for a while before meeting up with MJ. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Greater Tokyo Festival in full swing. I sketched for a bit near my favorite pond, then followed my ears to the music. I drew this as I waited for the next set to begin. It's annoyingly cartoonish and flat. I need to develop quicker realism. Anyone have pointers or cheats I can try?

MJ met me at the park, then Tod joined us and we had an alfresco dinner of good Aussie red (Tod brought it with him) and falafels from an Israeli falafel truck. The Japnese couples sitting near us must have thought we were crazy when we began to dance to "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," but we had fun.

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