FJP #2: Insect Repellent for Rice

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Most Japanese homes (if not all) store their rice in a big, boxy container that holds five or ten kilograms of rice. It gets used up quickly, but bugs love rice as much as people. So what to do? Put this insect repellent in it.

The 10 cm tall plastic pepper goes into your rice bin and repels weevils and other pests for up to six months. As the pepper samurai on the package insists, "Rice is delicious!" Togarashi Power!

Kome-touban is made from togarashi, cayene chili pepper, in a gel base. A list of points on the back:

  • Togarashi extract and fermented alcohol protects the rice from bugs.
  • When the product runs low, it's easy tell when to exchange it
  • The alcohol in the product keeps your rice appetising and keeps mildew and bacteria at bay.
  • You can use it in a rice bag or in your rice box

But it says that if you store eggs in your rice, you might get bugs anyway. (Who puts eggs in their rice??)

It also warns not to eat the contents and if you do, to call the ambulance for aid. The gel is highly flammable. Dangerous stuff...

Price: 398 yen
Manufacturer: ST Chemical Corporation
Sales point: Seifu supermarket

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