FJP #7: Goodnight Wine

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Oyasumi Wine

It's not a nightcap. It's a packet of bath salts.

Oyasumi Wine gives your skin three rewards:

1. Bright and glossy skin from wine polyphenols;
2. Healthy skin thanks to co-enzyme Q10;
3. Evening primrose oil to moisturise your skin

Especially on the nights when you're tired, the mellow beauty of red wine in the water gives you an intoxicating feeling of dreamy comfort.

It gives you comfortable sleep on the nights when your heart is tired.

Well, I could use a good tipsy sleep. I think I'll go try it out now.

Price: 158 yen
Manufacturer: Kiyo Jochugiku KK
Sales point: Shop In

1 Comment

(back from the bath)
The color is cloudy fuschia; the scent is a cross between lilies and raspberry Jell-O. Very girly, but not unpleasant. I am relaxed and ready for sleep but not intoxicated.

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  • Kristen: (back from the bath) The color is cloudy fuschia; the read more