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A while back, I and some of the other LibriVoxers (LibriVoxians, LibriVoxites?) were interviewed for a piece in Wired News. It was a great interview via iChat with Cyrus Farivar in the states, but check out the part where I'm mentioned and quoted:

For some volunteers, LibriVox is a way to combine their love of literature with their passion for the spoken word.

Kristen McQuillen, 39, has recorded 21 different chapters across nine different books from her home in Tokyo. For her, reading a book aloud to someone can make the work more understandable.

"I'm giving people who wouldn't have exposure to some of these classics in a way that's not so intimidating," she said.

Hmmmm. Misspelled name and a quote that makes no sense. I'm pretty sure I said another word in between 'classics' and 'in' -- perhaps 'exposure' or 'access.' Ah, well. The article gave LibriVox good exposure.

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