Mapping (II)


creative perspectivesA lot of my maps are abstractions of my emotions. What is the state of my heart? My mental state? How am I being influenced by things I think or see or hear or do? It's cathartic and sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it. Idle doodles become outpourings.

Because I am afraid most people aren't going to understand these very personal maps, I don't often display them. But I reluctantly showed my sketchbook to a friend earlier this year with surprising results. He is extremely perceptive and gave me spot-on interpretations, revealing things to me that I hadn't considered. I think he knows me better than myself, in some ways.

Here is an example I will share that is very map-like. I even let my super-ego label it for the benefit of viewers. It summarises and lays bare a lot of emotions and things I've been feeling this year. There's a great deal unsaid, too.

2005 Heart Map click to enlarge

Feel free to interpret in the comments. Just don't suggest therapy or a regimen of drugs, please.

As a creative exercise, can you map out your year in some way?



Hey K. I am going to be leading a mind mapping as art workshop at RBR in May. Would love to hear your thoughts on that kind of thing... and can I use your heart as an example it is perfect!!!

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