First Dream

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The Japanese believe that the first dream of the year, hatsuyume, fortells the dreamer's coming year. I think I'm going to have an interesting 2006.

I've never flown in a dream before. Tod tells me he can--for him it is like sitting on a magic carpet without a carpet. Other friends say it's like being Superman or a bird. Someone claimed to have taught me how to fly in his dreams, but I've never managed to get off the ground in my own.

Until last night.

It was hard work! My first attempts were simple downward glides but I wasn't exactly falling. Then I learned to control them and change direction. At last, with a lot of flailing and kicking, I figured out how to rise under my own power.

And now I know what it is like. I can still feel the sensation and my center of gravity and balance. Seems like I should be able to do it in waking life, too.

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