Gone Fishing

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Tod's dapper sunhat brough him good luck

Today we went to South Stradbroke Island for a picnic and some fishing. JIm ferried us over in his motorboat and I spent the day in the shade hiding from the "Extreme UV" sunlight. Everyone else went fishing.

MJ caught the most fish - we stopped keeping track after 9, but it was somewhere around 16. Every time she caught a fish, someone had to take it off the hook for her. But when we got back to home base, she did help to scale them all before we fried them up for dinner.

Tod caught the biggest fish, a fair sized breem.

Yoshi without a fish

Poor Yoshi lost his fish. He reeled it in and it jumped off the hook before I could get a photo. What a shame, it looked really tasty.

I wasn't idle while I sat in the shade; I sketched the beach in watercolors. I'm still having trouble with waves.

South Stradbroke Island, looking west

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