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What's hot on the 'Net today? Anagramming transit maps. I thought "No way could Tokyo's subway map be anagrammed, " but I tried today while waiting for Hello Tokyo renders. And I was surprised at the good anagrams I got. Yotsuya = You Stay!

Here's the Marunouchi line from Ikebukuro out to the branches past Shinjuku:

  • Our UK Bike
  • I Toss A Hunk
  • I Dam Agony
  • Korean UK
  • Change Homo Son
  • Inca Hum Zoo
  • Oh CIA Jaw
  • Omit Each
  • OK Toy
  • A Zing
  • I Game a Uk Kiss
  • Jim Kodak Agio Ike
  • Make Saki Ask Tau
  • You Stay
  • Mushy Ocean Toys
  • Gymnasium Hue Joke
  • Haunches Join Musk
  • Hi U.S. Junk
  • Juicy Sushi Ink, Huh?
  • Hush, I Injun Ski
  • Kane Oak Sauna
  • Enough Jacksonian Hookum
  • Banish Omaha Skin
  • Hijack Foam Union
  • Ann Hooch
  • Hosannah Kin
  • Hiking Shoe JAI
  • She Join Kin
  • Gamy Asia Mania
  • Go UK Bio

Do you want to do the Ginza, Hibiya, Tozai, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Namboku, Askausa, Mita, Shinjuku or Oedo lines?

The reference map is rosen_eng.pdf and you'll find the Anagram Server is a big help. If you put your anagrams in the comments, I'll change the text on the map and publish it here.


I've already got most of the Mita line done. It's an oddly compelling exercise. Some weird Stations on this line: Morgue, Bone A Sikh, On Marion, Bash Haiti Sin.

This is great! "Oh CIA Jaw" cracked me up:-) "Hi U.S. Junk" is not too bad either!

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