Video Gear for Sale

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I'm cleaning out the closets and have a lot of video gear that I'd like to get rid of. Except as noted, it's all in good shape. I'm just not doing much shooting anymore and I'd rather not see stuff this gathering dust.

Best offer by Friday the 24th gets it, or it comes to the Shinagawa Intercity flea market with me on Sunday the 26th. Pickup in Tokyo or at the flea market so Tokyo/Japan folks only, please.


Sony Camcorder Setup
Well-loved, much used, slightly abused, and partially broken.
Originally paid about 285,000 yen for everything listed.

  • Sony 3CCD miniDV Camcorder (TRV-900) - needs repair to power and audio systems - includes camera, iLInk cable, remote, AC adapter, floppy disk adapter, F330 & F730 batteries, & manual
  • Sony Gun Zoom Microphone (ECM-HS1) Uses "intelligent shoe", fits TRV series and other models: specs
  • Sony Wireless Microphone System (WCS-999) includes transmitter, receiver, 2 tie-clip lapel microphones, & earbud: specs
  • Sony Hard Carry Case (LCH-TRV900 ) rugged aluminum body, 2-layers, adjustable compartments , includes shoulder strap & keys
  • Special offer: buy all the Sony gear and I'll throw in a basic tripod.

Studio Lighting Kit
Perfect for 3-point lighting setups.
Originally paid 15,380 yen for 3 stands and scene paper

  • Mirano 1-Lamp Studio Light 2 available
    100V-6A, tripod base, ceramic fixture on ball head, switch. Extends to about 2 meters.

  • Mirano Mini Studio Light
    100V-6A, tripod base, ceramic fixture, on ball head switch. Extends to about 1.7 meters

  • Superior Seamless Paper
    suitable for bluescreen work, on 2 meter roll

  • Special offer: buy the studio lights and paper and I'll throw in an assortment of gently used 250 & 500 watt bulbs.

Justy VGA-TV Converter (ConnectTV JTV-05A)
Convert computer monitor to TV or camcorder
Retail 21,400 yen
takes VGA in (from PC, Mac or NEC) and outputs NTSC (S-video or composite)
includes cables, adapters, power supply and converter.

Wireless CCD Camera (CP-952)
Spy on your friends and neighbors, or use in a videocrown like I did.
List Price: 29,800 yen
includes camera, receiver, power supplies and battery pack: specs

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