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Today marks the annversaray of my father's death. My mother, sister and I all marked the day in different ways, but we each took time and action to think of him today.

Jenn wrote a poem, got tree seedlings, and wrote about him on her 37x365

Dad taught me to hug the inside curve, to do one thing at a time to reach a goal, and that trees are worth planting even when someone steals them. His light still arcs in my mother's house.

Mom plucked a daffodil from the garden ("The most open one I could find," she said) to the cemetery and had a chat with him.

I took a trip to the southern tip of the Izu Penninsula, went out on the water in a boat and talked to the waves. I walked up to the lighthouse on the cliff, visited two temples, and stood at the lookout where Commodore Perry's black ships were spotted.

We all miss you, Dad.

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That poem is wonderful!!

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