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1 sunny day
3 cinnamon camphor trees
15 people at the park
2 homemade birthday cakes
18 apple-peach explosions
1 bag of peanut butter chocolate pretzels
1 box of "bochi chocolate"
8 pita breads
5 middle eastern dips
4 loaves of bread
5 cheeses
2 freshly cooked pizzas
3 varieties of strawberries
8 herbed egg sandwiches
11 bottles of wine
1/2 bottle of tea
8 beers
12 people for dinner
1 lamb roast
2 giant salads
40 sheets of acid-free paper
2 batteries (and a battery tester)
3 handwritten letters
1 pottery bowl (and two plates)
1 board game
1 framed photograph
1 soybean-cashmere sweater
1 sexy bustier
1 opal and diamond ring
1 floral arrangement
1 phone call


my 40th birthday.

Thank you Tracey, Ashley, MJ, Jonathan, Sachiko, Jim, Yuka, Jeremy, Andy, Tod, Seth, Tara, Sean, Uchida-san and Josh, who made my birthday so festive with good wishes and laughter. There are a few photos from the park if you want to see what we got up to but they don't do the day justice.

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Great pix! I'm glad your day was delightful! You are now into the best years of your life!

XO, Jean

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