Vinegared Daikon Pickles

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recipe thursdayI decided to try a home delivery service for (primarily) organically grown vegetables. The "trial box" arrived today, packed with dirt-covered root vegetables, a lovely lettuce, spinach, mini tomatoes and other goodies. And a sheet of recipes. So today's recipe is one from the sheet for daikon, a vegetable that I like but never know what to do with.

Vinegared Daikon Pickles
makes as much as you like

kombu (dried seaweed)
soy sauce
red togarashi (dried red peppers)

Cut the daikon into "rhino eye" slices or "wooden clapper" chunks and pack into a glass jar. Add the kombu and togarashi. Mix together equal quantities of soy sauce and vinegar and pour into the jar to cover the daikon. Pickle for 2-3 days.

1 Comment

Thank you for the recipe! I was trying to re-find a recipe I'd once had for Japanese-style pickling, and unfortunately my home computer is broken right now. I've become fond of makign onigiri for my work lunches and have been on the lookout for good things to put in them. This will be a great start.

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