Lucid Dreaming

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I took a nap this afternoon and had an odd dream.

I dreamt that I was having a nap. My body in the dream was arranged similarly to the way I was arranged on the bed in real life - lying on my right side with my arms loosely folded under my head. In the dream I was wearing a floaty chiffon sundress.

In the dream nap, I dreamt I was dreaming. In the dream's dream I moved my hand along my arm to reposition it better under my head. I felt the fingers on my skin. The dreaming me was aware that she was dreaming and became quite alarmed when she woke a little and tried to move her hand but couldn't. It felt like her arm was numb or held in place with a heavy weight.

I was aware that I was dreaming this dream-within-a-dream and after a moment of panic and confusion, I woke up into the real world to test my hand. It moved (whew) and I fell back asleep to dream of discovering a dining room and bookshelves hidden behind a fireplace in our apartment.

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Great dream - I sometimes have dreams like that - so often when it is an afternoon nap on the couch. I have the most vivid dreams then.

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