Morioka Shoten

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Moriokia Shoten. Inoue Bldg 2 #305, Nihonbashi-Kayabacho 2-17-13, Chuo-ku.

This evening I attended an opening party. It wasn't at a gallery or a museum. It was the opening of an exclusive word-of-mouth bookstore on the third floor of a delightfully vintage building overlooking Kamajima-gawa in Kayabacho.

Morioka Shoten specialises in early 20th century design, photography, art & photography books - mainly from Europe. Morioka-san, a young man who learned the trade at one of the venerable Jimbocho booksellers, has a small but impressive collection of books by Czech designer Josef ńĆapek & his brother Karl as well as a wide variety of other interesting books.

I'm looking forward to going back on an evening when it isn't so crowded and hot to spend more time perusing the books.

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I'm really intereseted in this book store. I tried to get more information from the net, but what I found was a gallery on the fourth floor on the same building. Can anyboday drop by the book store? If you don't mind please let me know about more information of "Morioka" syoten.
I'd like to go there with my daughter who lives in TOKYO now.

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