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My health check results came back. I seem to be healthy, in fact my "good cholesterol" level is really high, so that's good.

But because I know I'll have misplaced the results sheet when I want to review in a year ot two, but it's less likely that I will lose the blog, I've transcribed the results below the fold. Boring, boring, boring.

Exam results
Height: 170.8 cm
Weight: 67 kg
BMI: 23
BP: 130/70
K-W: ok
Scheie H: ok
Scheie S: ok
Barium stomach cancer screening: negative
Hepatitis B: negative
Hepatits C: negative
Chest x-ray: clear
EKG: ok

white cell count: 8100
re cell count: 430
hemoglobin: 14.2
hematocrit: 42.3
platelet (?): 27.2
MCV: 98
MCH: 33.0
MCHC: 33.6
AST (GOT): 13
ALT (GPT): 9
ALP: 100
gamma-GTP: 20
クレアチニン: 0.75
uric acid: 5.1
urea nitrogen: 15
glucose: 83
TG: 42
cholesterol: 231
HDL: 92
LDL: 130.6

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Glad to hear you're healthy. Such a good idea to blog the results! I am always hunting down old medical papers. Neat how one result is in Katakana.

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