Sunday Morning, City of London


The City of London is not the London most visitors come to see. It is the center of commerce and banking with stone edifaces, imposing columns, cobbled walks and atriums in abundance.

350,000 people work here, but only 5,000 live here. And they all sleep in on Sundays, so jet-lagged travellers have it all to themselves. Tod & I walked through nearly deserted streets this morning past shuttered shops that won't open until Monday morning. The only people we encountered were those not speaking British English. It was wonderful to be in such a quiet urban space.

And such an old one, too. We saw a sign proclaiming a street protected by the City of London Police under the Metropolitan Streets Act of 1867. Down the street from our hotel, the pub where we dined in last night has been around since the 14th century. The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street has been there since 1734. the Royal Exchange across the street was originally built in 1571, though the current incarnation was erected in 1884 and it became a luxury shopping mall in 2001 - closed on weekends.



I am now one of the 5000. I love it. Saturday is my favourite day - as it's almost ghostly. I hope you managed to make it to Brick Lane, Spitalfields market and Columbia Road flower market on Sunday though... quite the opposite atmosphere... with zillions of people, all too cool for school. Trying to think of the equivalent experience in Tokyo... and I'm sure there is one... but somehow nothing I experienced ever had quite the same cultural resonance for me.

City on a week-day is quite another story!

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