Marinated Seafood

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recipe thursdayAnother summer dish I tested out on a party crowd. Couldn't be much simpler and need no heat at all - just start it the night before to ensure you get enough marination time.

It's easy to find bags of mixed seafood in Japan, and it's already cooked and prepped for salads like this. If you can't find something similar, frozen shrimp alone would be delicious, too.

Marinated Seafood
serves 12

1 kg bag frozen seafood mix (shrimp, squid & octopus)
2-3 small colored peppers
3 lemons
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 bunch chervil, minced
dash of msg

Juice the lemons. Mix with olive oil, salt, msg and minced chervil. Use a mandoline (cabbage slicer) to thinly shred the peppers. Add to dressing.

Run the frozen seafood under cool water to dislodge any ice crystals and to partly defrost it. Combine dressing and seafood and allow to marinate overnight.

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