Ten Things to Do in DTW

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Having recently spent a total of 8 hours over thrree days at the Detroit airport, I'm pleased to bring you this list of things to do during your next transit on Northwest Airlines.

  1. Watch the acrobatic fountain in the center of concourse A (McNamara Terminal).
  2. Watch the indoor shuttle train run the length of concourse A.
  3. Walk a full circuit of concourse A .
  4. Enjoy the son et lumiere in the tunnel between concourse A and the B/C gates.
  5. Eat a chili dog or any of the all-American foods on offer.
  6. Stare at the really hugely fat people eating ice cream and extra large portions of fried food.
  7. Tap into a power outlet on the support columns and charge your laptop.
  8. Get frustrated by the spotty Wifi access you just paid for.
  9. Browse the magazines and books.
  10. Buy a snacksfor the plane, since NWA doesn't supply them for free on short flights.

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