Filling an Empty Space

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Tagged by Mark Lindeman at DumLuk, I've been given a few questions to answer. So while I'm still away at the rice harvest, here's something to distract you from the important work you should be doing.

Why do you blog?
Bad habits are hard to break.

How long have you been blogging?
Since July 2000, and I have maintained a personal website since 1994.

Self Portrait?
Middle-aged woman
Wonders what she's doing here;
Tries to savor life.

Why do readers read your blog?
Bad habits are hard to break.

What was the last search phrase someone used to get to your site?
"kristen" but I'll bet they were looking for the Kristen Archives.

Which of your entries unjustly gets too little attention?
I think the opposite is more appropriate - what unjustly gets too much attention? The gingerbread computer got me /.ed but it wasn't my own creation, just something I reported.

Your current favorite blog?
I love it when my friends post to their weblogs; they are all my favorites.

What blog did you read most recently?
Tea Leaves

Which feeds do you subscribe to?
In addition to friends, flickr and news, I subscribe LibriVox, Whip Up, Time Goes By, Marginal Revolution, Boing Boing and Astronomy Picture of the Day.

What four blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?
Cerebral Soup, Threads of Gold, Keitai Goddess and UltraMom from Dynamic Duo all get tagged because they are busy women with exciting lives who don't really post often enough.

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