Luddite Week


Last Thursday, I refinished all the outdoor furniture - scraped, sanded and repainted the table, chairs and side table. Now I itch to build and sand and scrape more things: a storage bench for the verandah, a sort of butsudan altar, a new kitchen counter.

I want to enjoy the great outdoors because it is particularly great right now. The humidity has disappeared, the skies are clear and the days are warm enough but the nights cool. Walking weather. Picnicing weather! This is weather that makes me want to be outside and pound my head on the rug when it's time to come in.

It's been too long since I've sketched anything. It sure would be nice to go sit in a park or even in my living room and make some drawings. And I have things I want to write, a script to refine, storyboards to draw, some footage to shoot for a film project.

But to do all that, I need to get away from the computer. Too easily, a "quick Google" for research devloves into watching popular culture via YouTube and suddenly the day, my plans, and all my time are gone.

So this week, no computer. Honestly, I'm not touching the thing after I make this post. If you want to reach me, write me a letter or call me. Maybe I'll write or call you.


Watch out for 'rug burn'.

Loved the Recipe Thursday by mail. Thanks honey!!

Did you have a good week? What did you do?

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