My first attempt at lip synch animation

An ongoing project of mine is a little documentary film about world population. I started it more than a year ago, then dropped it when I couldn't figure out how to illustrate some of the points. Well, I'm back at it now, having rewritten the script with renewed ideas about what needs to go into the film, and I will be illustrating the points by actually illustrating the points.

I've been testing out this tool called ToonBoom Studio. Based on the sample above, I need a lot more work on my illustration skills, but the tool itself does everything I need. It's going to take me weeks to really learn it and to get into the groove of animating, but I enjoyed what I did today and it's been a long time since I've challenged myself with new software.

So I think I've finally found the right way to go with the the population film: part animation, part archival footage, part maps and charts. Look for a completed project in...oh, another year or so.


That looks like fun!

I think the lip-synching has come out great! But then of course, it's your work, so we couldn't expect anything less! :-))

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