Pruning and Blooming

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I did go for a walk today to shake off the Sunday blah. I ended up taking a good long hike through central Tokyo that racked up 14,000 steps and 12 km according to my manpokei.

Winter gardening in Tokyo

While I was out and about, I stopped to watch a crew pruning trees near Tokyo station. Two guys in the trees sawed off leafy branches, leaving tree silhouettes in their wake.

And on Hongo Dori I saw a plum tree blooming. It must sit in a micro-climate that gets just the right dose of sun and warmth because I've seen this particular tree bloom out of season before. Sure is arresting to see the pale petals fall on top of the bright yellow ginko leaves that litter the sidewalk just there.

1 Comment

Have you seen that tree bloom so early in the season before? Or is it exceptionally warm in Tokyo this year--like Moscow which has daisies blooming in place of the snow.

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