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Looking for shoes that fit your "big" feet in Tokyo? Over the years I've amassed a collection of shops that carry women's shoes in sizes 25 and above.

Shoes Ten: Long wearing standards and basics. Sizes 25-27. Moderate to high prices. Shinjuku; Shinjuku 7-8-13 (1F).

Washington: Basic, elegant and classic styles in shoes and boots. Sizes 25-26. Average to high prices. Ginza; Ginza 6-9-4 (6F). 03 3572-4985

Queen's Himiko : Fashionable, colorful shoes for casual, party, "recruit" and boots. too. Sizes 24.5-27. Average to high prices. Shinjuku; Keio Mall (B1F), 03 5324-7266

Kotuca: Designer and top brand shoes to buy in-store or online. Sizes 24.5 - 27. Above average prices. Omotesando; 3rd floor Harajuku Belpia (down the street from Fujimamas). 03-3406-8863

Nissen: Mail order shoes in a range of styles. Sizes to 27 and EEEE. Inexpensive. Online or catalog only.

Marui Model: A better selection than their horrid large size clothes. Sizes 24.5 - 26. Average prices. Shinjuku, Ueno, Ikebukuro, etc.

There are other shops, too, which carry selections mixed in with smaller sizes including many of the major department stores (particularly in the designer brands) and the "family" department stores like Ito Yokado. Zara has shoes up to 25.5 sometimes. There are small boutiques and shops tucked away here and there all over town that have larger sizes. If you find one you love, write me and I'll include it on the list.

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The size of my daughters' is really small.
Though it is Japanese size, both of size is "21.5". My elderdaughter is 18, and my youhger daughter is 16.
So it is really hard to find shoes they like and the shoes fit to them.

I changed my diary site. Please change the website of your linkpage. Sorry I borther you.

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