On the Pony


Riding the bronze pony

I will never grow up. I waited only a little impatiently as a father snapped photos of his toddler astride the bronze pony at Zoorasia. As soon as he lifted him down, I moved in, only to be beaten by a gaggle of girls who raced up faster. They moved away when they realised I wasn't just an adult, but an adult who intended to get up on the pony.

I flung a leg over, but I couldn't leap up in an agile Lone Ranger sort of way. With my knee over the pony at shoulder height I called for Tod's hand to pull me across the rest of the way. At which point I was laughing hysterically and MJ & Tod were snapping photos.

Getting down was easy and the girls who were waiting were very happy I was done.


You are nine years old again in this photo!

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