Araku Photo Shoot


The studio setup glows with light in the otherwise dim room

Yesterday I went to Araku to take photographs for their new menu and signage. Ashley poured drinks and styled the food while I "pressed the button." It's been a long time since I've done any real studio shooting, so I was nervous about the results, but I think I managed pretty well.

tequila-lemon.jpg campari-soda.jpg
Tequila with lemon; Campari soda

Next time, I want even more light and a proper lightbox, rather than the on-the-fly one I made with Jim's big light table, a portable light table, and some translucent plastic. The light wasn't even enough in my setup. The grey background I acheived is OK, but I'd have preferred pure white.


Wow, those pics look pretty good, and the tequila and lemon is so crisp and desirable, but i can understand why you would like more light. On the other hand, a grey background is a bit

Glad to hear that you are all keeping Ash busy!

yum! They look great!

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