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A rooftop garden solves the "I want more land than we can afford" problem.

Land is still not at hand, but I have a good idea of what we'll build on it. We will end up with a house that is a blend of Japanese tradition and Western conveniences. Reminiscent of the 1930s in use of light and space, but built with 21st century materials. Frank Lloyd Wright is an inspiration to me & Tod, and to our architect, too. Yay!

Over dinner with Misa and Yutaka last night, I showed Misa this photo from a magazine:

A 1930s Japanese elementary school hallway

This is what I'd like my downstairs hall to look like - sliding doors of glass and wood into the office, bedroom and bath, with bookcases on the other side of the hall with windows above. Misa and Yutaka agreed this was not something a Japanese couple would ask for. I guess having a hall reminiscent of an elementary school is a bit weird and most Nihonjin want Western style homes.

But isn't it a beautiful space?

We talked about the rooftop garden, too. I'm very happy to learn that it's definitely possible. Misa even suggested a rotenburo. That would be a wonderful luxury (imagine the parties we'd have sitting around in our outdoor bath!), but beyond our budget. But we can do trees and plants, no problem.

This lush rooftop garden is in downtown Washington, D.C.

Imagine walking upstairs from the terrace into a garden with shade and color. Follow the path through the garden to my studio packed with creative materials and surfaces to work on. What a treat. I'm hanging out for this!

I know this is a dream, but maybe some of it can become a reality. I do not want a nasty boxy house. I need air and light and greenery. And according to Misa, I need property with a frontage of at least 8 meters, so let me stop dreaming get back to searching...


That's a school hallway?? What? Where is the yellow and green concrete?

I agree, it's gorgeous. Glass, polished wood, light...

Nice concept. I love that hallway!

Friends have a house with a rooftop garden near Marukobashi. It is great! Sitting up there, looking over the roofs up to the church in Denenchofu... It's the best feature of the house.

I want a garden!!!

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