New Fluoro Colors

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Kitchen light - before and after changing the bulbs

I've always disliked fluorescent lights; the sickly blue-green color and the flickers and hums make me cringe. So the recent bans on incandescent light bulbs in Australia and Canada seemed pretty horrible. But now I've done some research and discovered (as 80% of the Japanese market already knows) that fluorescent lights aren't so bad after all.

In fact, the new compact fluorescent lamps look quite a bit like incandescent bulbs if you buy the "L" color. And they use considerably less electricity so we will slowly replace our incandescent bulbs with CFLs. We stared with the kitchen fluorescent fixtures just to improve the color temperature. Now the kitchen is warm and cozy.

The color isn't perfect. The L color CFL is too pink in the daytime when sunlight mixes with it. And because CFL isn't full spectrum light (there are several single-color phosphors mixing together to make its color) what will it do to our eyes in the long run?

There's been controversy over various aspects of CFLs and Tod wondered if people complainingly questioned incandescent bulbs when they became widespread. I don't know; I'm just happy to have warm light in the kitchen.

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