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In a couple of weeks, I'm exhibiting a new artwork at a huge creative arts event. I'm sure it will be lost in the crowd, but I'm enjoying putting it all together.

It's a reaction to Yanagisawa's boneheaded "women are birth-giving machines" speech in January. What if all Japanese women turned into machines and had little robot babies? This is the idea I'm exploring in a short animation and an interactive sculpture.

I was working on the animation today. It's very simple. Maybe embarrassingly simple, but I don't mind. It gets the message across. Here is a 15 second clip (currently silent) from the beginning of the program.


Watch "Robot Babies" intro

If you want to see the rest of the animation or to play with the sculpture (more on that in a future post) why not plan to come to Design Festa? Not only will I be there, but 2600 extremely talented artists and craftspeople, too! Bring your wallet, there's lots of amazing handmade stuff to buy.

Design Festa vol 25
May 26-27, 2007
Tokyo Big Site

1 Comment

We'll be there. Can I wear a robot costume too?

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