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It's been a long time since I'd recorded anything for LibriVox, but after receiving a message about Jumping July, their latest push for completion, I had the urge to spend some time in front of the microphone. I've churned out 4 chapters of Howards End and two sections of Stops, or How to Punctuate this week and last. Now, I really ought to work on the duet of Isabella Bird's Adventures in Japan which has been languishing for half a year. I'm not sure I'm that jumpy, though.

If you want to record a chapter yourself, have a look at the list of books in the Readers Wanted:Books section of the forums. Unclaimed chapters are noted in blue inside the Magic Box in the first post of the book's discussion thread. All the instructions are in that first post, in fact.

If you want to listen to me reading about footnotes from Stops, or How to Punctuate, download this WAV file: It is certain to cure your insomnia in 3 minutes, 2 seconds flat.


i don't do much recording these days either, but just did some thomas de quincey, which was fantastic to read. now i have to edit :(

it is work, but i really enjoy it when you get a good text, such a different (and somehow deeper?) experience than just reading silently.

So nice to hear your voice again :)

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