Summer Entrapment

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Summer started on Tuesday this week - rainy season ended and the temperature shot up - and I'm dreading the next three months. My plants are all wilty and so am I.

The home office was so hot this morning (32C by 11 am) that I turned on the aircon so that our server doesn't overheat and crash like it did all last summer. Now I feel trapped in the relative coolness because walking out into the rest of the house is almost oppressive. This is why I hate air conditioning.

Maybe I should just leave the server to cool alone, go out into the summer, and deal.

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I get wilty too, and I also get sick from aircon air. What I do is turn the aircon on low and leave the windows open a peep. It's a little real air mixed with the fake, cooler stuff. I know it's a terrible thing to do energy-wise, but it lets me sleep without waking with a sore throat and a bad head.

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