Had a ball

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The Ball went off very well on Friday. In a ballroom transformed with gum and wattle into a starry outback night, 422 people dined and drank while three musical acts performed not including the Australian ambassador who led the anthem. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, though I was running around doing errands for a good portion of the evening. It was still a good time because although our accounting isn't finalised, my back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate we raised a record amount for our charities.

Martine took photos of the evening and I will give you a pointer as soon as I have one. She even made sure to get a head-to-toe picture of me so I could show Mom my gown in full. My frock turned heads, got compliments from three strangers, and I was never without someone handsome at my side. It was a good choice.

The morning after the Ball, I came directly to work and have been here ever since. The floor is as surprisingly comfy as ever but as usual I wish we had some pots and pans in our kitchen. I think we'll see a break in the mad rush after Feb 15th, but until then I will be blogging from the editing suite during renders. Like now.

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Thanks to Martine for taking pictures. I think I may print this post and take it to Doneckers. They'd love it.

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