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One of the charities that we raised money for at the Australia Day Gala Ball is Eco Future Fund. They do reforestation and forest maintenance projects in Japan, and also run forestation and wood-alternative projects overseas.

To help sell their mission, I created a short video that we played on the big screens on the night of the ball. I'm sure nobody actually watched it - I only caught a glimpse of it from the back of the room as I was running an errand - and that might be OK. It was a challenge to put it together in the free moments between my other work and I didn't have much material to use. But since I recruited MJ to narrate and wracked my brains to tell a positive story about how our auction earnings would be spent, thought I would put the finished piece on YouTube. Maybe someone else will see it and get involved.

Other videos from the ball are online, too, in my YouTube area

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Any group that works to keep things green and beautiful and tree-filled is a decent one!

Nice background "Cure" musical groove.

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