A hospital visit

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A friend of ours is in the hospital recovering from an operation on his back. After ten days of rest Akira looks fit and needed only a little more than the usual effort to sit up and enjoy the conversation with all the friends that descended on his room on Sunday.

Hanako called me to let me know she was going to see Akira, but I didn't think I could go. I was scheduled to be working on Sunday. I gave my excuses and hoped to fit in a visit sometime later in the week. But when Akira's wife, Kimie, called me my plans changed. How do you say no to a woman who remembers all the things you have done together and who writes you letters in a language you struggle to understand? You can not say no.

So I blew off work and went to the hospital in Gotanda with Tod on Sunday. Hanako was there, along with three of her friends, a video camera, a digital still camera and two tripods. Akira and Kimie's daughter and granddaughter turned up at the same time. All together we filled Akira's room.

So that Akira could rest a bit after everyone had wished him well, Kimie led us all outside to the garden for a photo facing his hospital window and then fed us a snack. We laughed as she pulled out treat after treat and handed them around. First there were some sake cakes and sasa dango from Matsudai, then an assortment of manju, then oranges. You cannot escape eating too much with Kimie around; she is the classic grandmother.

I am glad that I visited Akira and Kimie rather than going to work. Sometimes I forget that people and relationship take priority but I never regret making them so.

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