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Rob & I have had many late night discussions about the merits of going home and sleeping in bed vs crashing out on the floor of the office. We have come up with the following points:

  • Sleeping in your own bed is more restful than the floor.
  • An ideal night is 7 hours or more; an acceptable night is 5 hours. Less than 3 hours is bad news.
  • Commuting cuts about 120 minutes out of the sleep window, including ablutions and breakfast.

So if work begins at 10 am, you must leave the office by 1 am to get 7 hours sleep. 3 am is the cusp. Leaving much after 3 am is generally not wise, unless you have run out of underwear and socks at the office. If the sun is coming up, brew coffee.

I can survive a week of five hour nights, and a few days on less than three hours of sleep, but if the short nights add up, I go crazy. So the nearer a project is to deadline, the more likely I am to sleep at the office. Like tonight. When my render finishes in 10 minutes, I am going to have a kip in my sleeping bag.

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Ahhh at last I found a way to contact you! I loved the work you did on Cennino's Book. I could have sworn he was talking about using the first panel for charcoal but rereading it has proven me wrong. I will say this, I do beleive that Mr. C is indulging in the "I told you how but not COMPLETELY how" method of writing. This was a rather sneaky way of writing down ones techniques without giving away the whole store. I am positive that you will need many coats even if he only mentions the one. He did make you grind a whole bone after all. Silver point really needs a solid gesso surface which is why I think I reimagined this panel as being for charcoal. I remember a panel for beginners that you could erase with a feather... (makes it sound like a computer tablet really) Anyway I am looking forward to more.

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