Buttercream Roux Frosting


I never seem to get the standard butter/powdered sugar buttercream right, and I really don't like the too sweet taste or the heavy texture, so yesterday I went searching for a new method. I learned about buttercream roux, traditionally used on Red Velvet cakes. I think I will be using this cooked frosting for a while; it is soft and fluffy and not too sweet. Even though is it a bit more effort than whipping together butter and powdered sugar the result is worth the extra pan to wash.

I would like to try it with soy milk instead of cow's milk, but of course that will change the texture and flavor - perhaps in a good way, certainly in a more healthy way. I am sure other flavourings could be substituted for the vanilla and I wonder if you melted chocolate into the roux if that would work. I foresee many cake experiments in my future.

Buttercream Roux Frosting
covers a two layer cake

1/2 cup milk
2 -3 Tbsp flour
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1/2 cup granulated sugar
vanilla to taste

Heat the milk and flour until it thickens, stirring vigorously. Remove from heat , pour into a shallow bowl and allow to cool completely. Cream butter and sugar until light. Check the roux for lumps; strain if necessary. Add in the cooled roux and beat until creamy and fluffy. It is possible to do this with a whisk but an electric beater is certainly less effort.


Thanks for the recipe - I'll try it soon. But I do have to tease you - you're looking for a way to make a recipe that has a half cup butter and a half cup sugar (and supposedly for a cake, cookies or other highly sugared dessert) a bit healthier with soy milk? Hehe. Personally, I'd suggest altering the butter to a substitute fat of your choosing.

no no, the milk substitution is healthier for the reduction in lactose (or whatever it is in milk that makes me bloated and sick), not in fat. And I will try a different shortening next time, too. That seemed almost too obvious a substitution to mention.

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