I don't know nothing about birthing no babies

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MJ is having her baby today. She and Tracey & I trooped over to the clinic for a check-up this morning and they decided to induce her. Apparently she had a torn membrane and was slowly leaking amniotic fluid. She was 4 cm dilated, so the induction just speeds things along.

By 1pm, the drip was definitely doing its job. She was 5 cm dilated, her water had broken, and she well into the painful contractions. But three people in the room (Yoshi had joined us by then) watching her breathe and writhe was really too many, so she told us to take a break. Politely. She didn't yell at us or throw anything. Brave, patient MJ.

I dutifully came back to the apartment, started a load of laundry, made myself some tea and watched an episode of Project Runway. But it is about time to go back and give Tracey or Yoshi a turn at tea and Internet access.

Will post more later on. Gambatte, MJ!

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Great "Meet the kid" photo on wombquake (http://www.wombquake.com/index.php/wombquake/entries/meet_the_kid/#comments)

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