Paring Down the Wardrobe

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All my summer clothes

This morning I did a huge inventory of all my clothes by emptying onto the floor all my drawers, the closet, and the stored out-of-season things. I put together outfits and color coordinated sets of things and I now own about half what I did when I woke up today. Half of that half is hanging in my closet with intimates and pajamas tucked into a sparse few drawers. The winter half is stored away until the weather gets cool again.

It was difficult to cull my clothes. Some things were lovely and nearly new but didn't fit right; I felt wasteful removing them from my closet. Others were gifts that been loved but finally outlived their welcome; in those cases I felt ungrateful. A few sentimental favorites are still in the mix, even though they are worn out, don't fit quite right, or don't go with anything else I own. I just can't part with them yet. Some of the clothes that I was willing to say goodbye to will be transformed into Morsbags. A few items are just going to be tossed out.

Now if I could practice this same technique on books, I'd be living in a much neater apartment!

1 Comment

What are you doing with the old clothes? I am headed to Salvation Army this weekend if you wanted me to do a drop off for you.

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