Eat Food, Day 1

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After several stressful weeks that caused me to indulge in junk food, I am coming to my senses. Stepping on the scale and seeing an additional 2 kg on my body was a good alarm. I need to be more careful. So for the next ten days, no junk food.:

  • No processed foods.
  • Only food my great grandmother would recognise.
  • Nothing in a package that has more than five ingredients.
  • Foods that are fresh, not "fresh made"
  • No food with chemicals or preservatives or fractionated food products.
  • Nothing bearing a health claim.

This will exclude most of the crap I've been allowing myself to eat lately and should be enough to jumpstart me back into better eating habits. I had them before and kept them a long time. When I am not lazily feeding my emotions, I do eat well. I love to cook and I want to eat fresh things.

Today I had lunch out with Tod at a place that makes Xi'an style ramen from scratch. Even though it was restaurant-prepared, it was definitely Food. I snacked on dried fruit and then made a really great dinner: tandoori cauliflower, chickpea salad and handmade chapati. My chapati are never round, but they taste OK anyway. The tandoori cauliflower was super excellent and I will post the recipe separately.

My one slip today was that I used tinned chickpeas as part of our dinner. I didn't realise that canned garbanzos contained calcium chloride, sodium sulfite and calcium disodium EDTA. I will be more careful about my assumptions tomorrow.

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Yum! I am soooooo looking forward to hanging out with you for a few weeks and doing some great cooking!

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