Eat Food, Day 10

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Last day of the challenge.

At lunch today I confirmed my new theory that mid-level Western restaurants in Tokyo are not serving Food. I ordered a "salad lunch" of chopped salad, fresh baked focaccia, and soup. It seems like it ought to be Food, but it wasn't. The salad was dressed with some icky commercial vinaigrette (and it was full of chicken and bacon not listed on the menu, but that is another story); the bread was fresh baked, but the consistency of a meringue; and the soup was probably made in house, but with instant broth. It was wretched and I felt crappy all afternoon.

However, I made up for it at dinner by cooking a pretty green soup of spring vegetables: fava beans, asparagus and green beans flavored with leftover pesto. That and a grainy roll took away all the ick from lunch.

Looking back, I think this has been an interesting ten days of scrutiny of foods and attention to my eating habits. I succeeded in getting off the junk food snacking and I feel more energetic, but there were no stunning changes to my health like when I stopped eating meat and dairy.

Since we were eating mainly Food before the challenge, there weren't any noticeable changes in my shopping habits or budgeting or menu planning. I am glad we ate out so much, though. It drove home the necessity of choosing restaurants wisely.

And one final note: Tod was excited to realise that it's over and now he can eat the giant corn and the chips he bought earlier in the week but set aside.

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I have to say, i hate the meat not mentioned on the menu. An easy way for them to ruin my meal.

I have enjoyed reading about your 10 days. Thank you for sharing.

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