Eat Food, Day 2

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Day 2 was failure free, as far as I know.

I spent most of the day at home, so eating Food was easy. Pretty much what is in the house is food. There are some snacks, but I am happy not to eat them now.

Tonight we went to dinner with friends, but it was to a place I am confident serves Food. Cafe Devi prides itself on fresh ingredients and spices. I think they are making Food. I ordered carefully regardless.

Breakfast was my typical one: several cups of coffee followed by Dorset Cereals muesli with soymilk. Lunch was leftover chickpea salad with some extra lettuce and green pepper. I had a snack of an apple and some almonds. A little bit later, I ate two rather stale whole wheat biscuits I made 3 days ago - not a brilliant choice.

Dinner was out with friends at Cafe Devi. They are all into doing fresh ingredients and spices, so I think everything I ate was real food. My great grandmother probably wouldn't have recognised Indian curry, but my friend Abhjit's great grandmother would have known most of these dishes: onion bahji, tandoori shimla, sag paneer, aloo ghobi, shrimp masala curry, rice, garlic naan.

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