Eat Food, Day 3

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Today I showed a visiting friend around town. It was great fun, but nearly everything I ate was in restaurants and on the run. I had two failures today, but overall, it was not so bad. We had tempura for lunch and watched the chef batter and fry everything in front of us.

Dinner was yakiniku (Korean BBQ) at Mon Cheri in Shinjuku. They make their own kimchi - I watched them mixing it up in the alley! Definitely Food and I ate lots of it.

I also drank lots, starting with Manhattans at a bar overlooking Tokyo. We had beer with dinner, then went to Araku for some Australian wine. Good thing booze is Food.

Here is what I ate, and when:


The failures today: a throat lozenge after my Japanese lesson; a bottle of Pocari Sweat during a 90 minute walk (I had already had a bottle of water, but was still dehydrated).

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